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RIVERS Travel magazine started in 2021, two decades after multiple award-winning journalist, Savious-Parker Kwinika, and his wife, Chiedza Chokera, were cruising on the mighty Zambezi River.

When the duo disembarked from the boat, a vision to provide a report about the majestic river and its monumental natural wonder – Victoria Falls – as a global centre of tourist attraction was born.

This vision has been fulfilled through a publication, Rivers Travel, https://rivers.travel/.

The publication was born to promote travel and tourism in the six Southern African Development Community (SADC) region comprising Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Rivers Travel also added to the list the regional economic power-house South Africa, Mauritius, Tanzania and Zanzibar to ensure the mighty Zambezi widely gets exposed as a major tourist attraction in the entire Southern Africa and beyond.

The tourist attractions along the Zambezi River also include the world’s largest man-made lake Kariba (in both Zambia and Zimbabwe), Cahora Bassa Dam (Mozambique), Batoka Dam, Itezhi-Tezhi and Kazungula.

Zambezi, which flows through six countries on an amazing 2 700km journey from its source in north-western Zambia to the Indian Ocean, is the fourth longest river in Africa, after the Nile, Congo and Niger rivers.

The mighty Zambezi is called Southern Africa’s ‘river of life’ due to its support of thousands of people and an array of wildlife through its rich vegetation, water catchments, floodplain soils and fish life.

Zambezi draws thousands of tourists to partake in activities such as sightseeing, rafting, boating and game viewing (safaris).

Rivers Travel is a catalyst to growth of the tourism and travel industry.

The publication would not only showcase one of the most fascinating rivers in Africa as a major tourist attraction but a lifeline and constant source of income for millions.

Rivers Travel brings high quality media coverage in the tourism and travel sector.

Rivers Travel has evolved into a vibrant, thriving and dependable tourism media voice that delivers excellent service to all SADC countries, on par with the highest international standards.

This confirms why Rivers Travel has become a leading publication for the industry in the entire SADC region.

It profiles hotels and resorts, hospitality industry executives, wildlife and environment.

Kwinika was in 2000 voted the Best Environmental Journalist of The Year in Zimbabwe and the entire Southern African region.

Rivers Travel is wholly-owned by SK Media Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, a diverse profile of media assets dotted across SADC region with award-winning journalists based in 16 SADC regional member states.

Our journalists, correspondents, freelancers and media experts offer enduring and quality news coverage supported by an authentic dedication of award-winning Pan Africa’s largest news agency – Centre for African Journalists (CAJ) News Africa, www.cajnewsafrica.com, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

CAJ News Africa boasts a wide network of journalists in 44 African countries.

Our readership includes thought leaders, executives, tour operators, travel agents, airline reservation agencies, hotels and lodges, and organisers of events and meetings as well as consumers that keep the wheels of the tourism industry in constant motion.

Rivers Travel has offices in Victoria Falls, Livingstone (Zambia), Kariba (Zimbabwe) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

There are plans to open offices in Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia and Tanzania.

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